A Prayer For Those Who Persecute

Human being

Who are you?


Muscle, blood, skin, bone

Soul, emotion, spirit


Powerful and hungry for more

Powerless and crying for help


History: over and over and over

There you are, anger coursing hot

Pain cut deep

So infected is your wound that you listen

You listen to the lies

Those answers they give:

Darkness. Power. Death. Hate. ….healing.


But it isn’t, is it?

Your heart still bleeds

I see it beneath the mask

Your bloodlust never quenched

Because your bleeding never stops


Muscle, blood, skin, bone

Soul, emotion, spirit


Human being

Who are you?


Oppressed, you oppress

Pain, it multiplies like a disease

And death, its stench rises like a black cloud

And it spreads until who can see through it?


That boy

There he lay while the water laps his face

A human being

A human being

And millions more

Who can see through this dark cloud?


That black flag, it waves

And those black eyes, they terrify

And you hurt, I know

Your pain runs red through your hands

Your hate turns it black

Is there any turning back?

Yes, turn back


Human being

Who are you?

Isn’t that what you really want to know?

Powerful, your powerless

Chained, bound, blind, screaming



The oppression

The hate

The killing


What has it done?

What do you really want?

Healing? Freedom? Come to Me


Yes, I reap where I haven’t sown

Come to Me

My light shines in the darkest dark


Darkness: human being is that you?

Come out

Come to Me


“Arise, shine for your light has come.

The glory of ADONAI has risen over you.

For although darkness covers the earth

And thick darkness the people,

On you the Lord will rise

Over you will be seen His glory

Nations will go toward your light…


The Spirit of Adonai Elohim is upon Me

To proclaim freedom to the captives,

To let out into light those bound in the dark.” Isaiah 60-61 CJB


For the Light has come

The Light has come

And that is who I AM.


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