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Milk & Honey

*For my baby Jane, in celebrating 7 months of life. ❤️


We had a bath, you and I.

And you know?

That may be the sweetest place I have ever been.


Your face, as pure as the droplets of water that speckle it, tilts back to gaze at me.

And I gaze at you.


You are the creamiest white.

Your face, and down along each roll of your arm,

across your belly and around your legs,

to the tip of your tiniest toe,

you, my dear, are the color of milk.


Your eyes lock with mine.

You smile with joy and kick the water.

It splashes the two of us, but neither one turns to look.


How can I?

Your eyes are like puddles of ocean water,

a deep, bottomless blue,

as if you could look and look

and not see all there is to see.


Your pink rosy lips form a side-lying oval

as your tongue curves up to join in the excitement.

And the colors trigger my heart to send a request to my mind: Remember this.


My eyes take a moment to blink,

like the click of a camera.

Did I get it?

Can my mind file this for safe-keeping forever?


Surely you will grow.

Most likely, faster than I have,

and I was but a child only a moment ago.


As if sensing my hopeless desire to control time,

you splash again and water splatters.

Your honey-tipped eyelashes have caught a drop,

wet and frayed out as they are.

They look like the palm trees in Florida, excited and undeterrable.


You win, my love.

I know in far away tomorrows I will ache.

Perhaps on a rainy day when the small droplets of water remind me of the way they splashed your face,

or at the ocean’s edge if I stand there looking deep enough.


I will remember you, us,

as we are in this moment.

And I will long for it back.

The memory will come with both joy and sorrow.


But right now, sweet child of mine,

you have chosen well and I can’t help but follow.


Joy it is, as we savor the present sweetness,

these moments of milk and honey.

jane legs


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Gracefully, the whisper dances

Swooping, swaying, bending

Like the soft breeze upon the grass.

Can you see the sound beckoning?


The whisper does as whispers do,

The voice is heard by the listening few

But the dance of the whisper continues.

Can you see the sound beckoning?



Like the tip-tap of a pen at pause.

Bills and deals need signing

Papers, projects, floor-plan designing.

Noise upon noise: confining.


The chit-chat of socializing

or internet style ostracizing

The world, a wide web now polarizing.

Noise upon noise: confining.


Politicians pushing policies

Like puppets fulfilling prophecies

Darkness falling, can we see?

Noise upon noise: confining.


Confining: like deafening

Dull of hearing, life-threatening.

Distracted to the point of surrendering.



Gracefully the whisper dances

Swooping, swaying, bending

Like the soft breeze upon the grass.

Can you hear the sound beckoning?


Life like grass.

Green, brown. Withered, past.

The noise does not last.

All of this noise does not last.

But I can see the sound and it’s beckoning

And I can hear the sound and it’s silencing.

The noise is all but lost on me

Because the quiet whisper calls to me.



Can you hear it?

Can you see it?


The still small voice is beckoning.

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Like splashes of water

they shower, nourish, encourage.

Life grows. The Holy Spirit rains.


Like stagnant puddles

they sit, muddy, become bitter.

Death grows. The Holy Spirit rains.


It rains, it rains.

The broken ground drinks.

The hardened ground does not.

The plants grow.

The puddles form.


The water is loved and hated,

accepted or rejected.

It rains. It rains.

words life (2)




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He Tabernacles


King of my Salvation, Holy Spirit,

How do You dwell among men?

Amidst hurtful words

Faithless sheep

And selfish hearts that battle for control?


Holy One, oh Most Holy One,

How can this world bear the weight of Your presence?

You call the earth Your foot-stool.

How do we remain?

Your feet are righteous, blameless.

All Your paths are peace.


And we have chaos. Pain.

Words that bring death,

Thoughts that work rebellion against You.

The battle rages constantly: life verse death.


Anger. Pointing fingers,

Burdened backs because so many

Words and actions bring death to us.

And we want to carry that death.

Fear screams hot in our ears:

“You cannot let it go!”

But we can.


The blood is soaked deep in the land,

Yet a new blade of grass pushes through.

Life defeats death because He tabernacles among us.


Life has pain

Leaving us bleeding and broken.

But You come with a promise:

“I bind up the broken-hearted.”

Life defeats death because You tabernacle among us.


Like trees looking one to another for sustenance,

So are we who forget our Maker.

Can the leaf beg the leaf for water?

Or can the root cling to the root for life?


But His people are thirsty

And strangling each other.

Looking for life from that

Which does not give.


Consider the trees.

Does He not send the rain?

So too, know that He is faithful.

Lift your hands and receive

That which you are looking for.

He tabernacles here.


Standing alone on the bank of hopelessness

There You find us.

Oh the faith to breathe You in,

Holy One of Israel.

Oh the faith to see and know:

You tabernacle among us and provide a tabernacle for us.

We can choose life.


You are real.

You are safe.

You are trustworthy and faithful.


We praise You for Your grace,

That You would dwell among us,

On this place called Earth,

So offensive to Your holiness.


And this is our hope,

The hope that gives life to all who receive it:

That one day we may dwell in the House of LORD forever.

One day this land of battleground will crumble to make way for holy ground,

The desert sands will give way to green grass,

And we will be home.


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A Prayer For Those Who Persecute

Human being

Who are you?


Muscle, blood, skin, bone

Soul, emotion, spirit


Powerful and hungry for more

Powerless and crying for help


History: over and over and over

There you are, anger coursing hot

Pain cut deep

So infected is your wound that you listen

You listen to the lies

Those answers they give:

Darkness. Power. Death. Hate. ….healing.


But it isn’t, is it?

Your heart still bleeds

I see it beneath the mask

Your bloodlust never quenched

Because your bleeding never stops


Muscle, blood, skin, bone

Soul, emotion, spirit


Human being

Who are you?


Oppressed, you oppress

Pain, it multiplies like a disease

And death, its stench rises like a black cloud

And it spreads until who can see through it?


That boy

There he lay while the water laps his face

A human being

A human being

And millions more

Who can see through this dark cloud?


That black flag, it waves

And those black eyes, they terrify

And you hurt, I know

Your pain runs red through your hands

Your hate turns it black

Is there any turning back?

Yes, turn back


Human being

Who are you?

Isn’t that what you really want to know?

Powerful, your powerless

Chained, bound, blind, screaming



The oppression

The hate

The killing


What has it done?

What do you really want?

Healing? Freedom? Come to Me


Yes, I reap where I haven’t sown

Come to Me

My light shines in the darkest dark


Darkness: human being is that you?

Come out

Come to Me


“Arise, shine for your light has come.

The glory of ADONAI has risen over you.

For although darkness covers the earth

And thick darkness the people,

On you the Lord will rise

Over you will be seen His glory

Nations will go toward your light…


The Spirit of Adonai Elohim is upon Me

To proclaim freedom to the captives,

To let out into light those bound in the dark.” Isaiah 60-61 CJB


For the Light has come

The Light has come

And that is who I AM.


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They sit atop her head,

Crooked and wispy.


The bottom hairs have fallen out;

A sure sign of an hour of play.


Shooting out on either side

They shout to the world “Here I am! Full of life!”

Much like the one-year-old who wears them.


Her blonde hair turns radiant white,

Reflecting the late summer sun above.


And there it catches my eye,

Bobbing up and down

In front of the raspberry bush.


Then she stops to point to the sky.

“Aig-pane! Aig-pane!”

A jet-liner noises our quiet backyard.


On her excited face

I see the raspberries have made a splash.

Like bright red lipstick around her mouth.


And then back to the bush she goes

Chubby legs squatting down,

Innocent hand reaching out,

And two perfect pigtails crowning the moment.

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In the Shadow of Your Wings

Perhaps you’ve heard the latest news regarding Planned Parenthood?

I can’t let my thoughts stay here long. My fists clench and my heart beats faster and my stomach wants to vomit out the reality of demonic evil surrounding us. How is this happening? How is it that a woman has the ability to casually eat a salad while talking about killing a baby and crushing its head in such a way so as to pull out the body from the womb and sell his or her lungs, legs and liver for money? There aren’t any words here.

Abba we live in a dark world. Please set Your people apart, high upon the Rock. Open the eyes of the heart to see You, hear You, know You. May Your light shine through the darkness and the filth and that any chains of deception and death may be broken by the power of Yeshua. Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon us; anoint us and equip us for the work set before us. Hide us in the shadow of Your wings. Amen.

A prayer of Moses the man of God (taken directly from Psalm 90-91):

LORD, You have been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever You had formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God… teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom… Let Your work appear to Your servants, and Your glory to their children. And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands. Yes, establish the work of our hands. He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him I will trust.’ He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler… ‘Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name.’”

The word shadow has been placed on my heart.

In Hebrew, the word is tsel (pronounced ts-ayl). It means protection, shade, shelter (Strong’s Concordance). The English definition of shadow is:

1. a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface (noun).

2. follow and observe {someone} closely (verb).

I found out this week that when God said, “Let Us create man in Our image..” the Hebrew word used for image was tselem. So to recap:

Shadow = tsel

Image = tselem

Interesting. Do you see how closely those words are related? In Hebrew, every word has a “root word” that it is built from. It is easy to see that the word tselem was built from the word tsel. Shadow is the root word for image.

Now think of it this way, “Let Us create man in Our shadow… (Our tsel, Our tselem).”

A shadow is your reflection upon the earth, is it not? People, this is who we are. We are His reflection upon the earth. We are His image, His body.

The tabernacle was a shadow as well, a reflection upon the earth of the heavenly original. As it says, “They serve at a sanctuary that is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven. This is why Moses was warned when he was about to build the tabernacle: ‘See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.’” Hebrews 8:5

Consider the name of the man who God anointed to build the tabernacle:

“And Moses said to the children of Israel, ‘See, the LORD has called name Bezalel, the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah; and He has filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom and understanding…” Exodus 35:30-31

In Hebrew the name is B’tsal’el (Strong’s Concordance #1212) and it means: in the shadow of El (El being the Hebrew word for God). Do you see that word shadow in the middle of the name? Tsel-El. Shadow of God. His name begins with the letter bet- thus giving the “b” sound at the beginning. The letter bet means house. Do you see the amazing depth of our God here?

He anoints Bezalel to build His tabernacle on earth. The man he chooses has a name that literally means house, shadow of God.

We are that tabernacle, His house, His shadow, and there is so much protection here. Outside of His shadow, you lose the protection. Rebel against Him and be certain you are choosing a dangerous route.

“Again the LORD spoke to Moses saying, ‘Speak to the children of Israel: tell them to make tassels on the corners of their garments throughout their generations… and you shall have the tassel, that you may look upon it and remember all the commandments of the LORD and do them, and that you may not follow the harlotry to which your own heart and your own eyes are inclined, and that you may remember and do all My commandments, and be holy… I am the LORD your God.’” Numbers 15

The men of Israel, in obedience to the command of God, made the tassels (called tzitzit) and placed them on the corners of their garments. It was a constant, daily reminder to remember the commands of the Lord and to not follow their own hearts and eyes into deception. “Be holy… I am the LORD your God.”

tallitThe tassels were also put on the corners of their prayer shawls, called a tallit (tah-leet). The reminder was the same: you are a person under the authority of God.

“Keep me as the apple of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings.” Psalm 17:8

In Hebrew, the word for “corners” is kanaph (kanaphim plural) (Strong’s #3671). It means corner, covering, edges, wing, extremity. So the tassels are on the kanaphim of the garment. This is the same exact word used in Psalm 17:8 where it says to “hide me in the shadow of Your wings.” Hide me in the shadow of Your kanaphim. Keep my heart safe as I live under Your authority.

Obey what God says and you are living under the shadow of His wings, His boundaries, His authority. Obey what God says and you are under the protection of His tsel (shadow).  Hide me in the shadow of Your wings. And isn’t that what He says time and time again? Obey Me. I have given you the path of life. Listen to Me. I love you and I want what is best for you.

“Now a certain woman had a flow of blood for twelve years, and had suffered many things from many physicians. She had spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worse. When she heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His garment (Hebrew word kanaphim). For she said, ‘If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.’” Mark 5:25-28

She reached out and touched the corner (hem in some translations) of His garment. His wing, exactly where God placed the tassels, the reminder of obedience and holiness. Perhaps she knew the Scriptures: “But to you who fear My name, the Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in His wings (kanaphim).” Malachi 4:2

Has your heart suffered many things? Have you looked for help in all the wrong places only to grow worse? There is healing under His wings and His wings alone. Fear His name. Fear prompts obedience. Repentance and obedience are the two ingredients for reconciliation with Your Messiah who is the healer of any and all wounds, anywhere, anytime. There is healing in relationship with Him and walking His path of life and not our own deceptive paths of death. Un-forgiveness is the biggest trip up (for all of us I’m guessing). Choosing to refuse forgiveness is walking in rebellion along our own path. For our own well-being, we need to listen to God when He says to forgive seventy times seven.

It is in these daily choices that our lives reflect the true Light of the World. We are made in His image. This is who you are. If you have sin or guilt, repent and get up again. He is eager to forgive and replenish the dry areas. Do you know how invested He is in you? His hands prove it.

Letter by letter, the word shadow means: fish hook, harvest, to lay down, shepherd staff, authority. When we walk in His shadow, this is exactly what we are: fish hooks (“fishers of men”), people who lay down our lives to His authority, harvesters.

The other day, after all this stuff has been jumbling around in my brain for a while, my son and I were walking through a parking lot, the sun shining over-head, fingers laced together. Out of the blue he says to me, “Mom, I am walking in your shadow.” I stop and look at him. He’s looking down at the pavement, enjoying the sight of his shadow overlapping mine. I couldn’t help but smile from the confirmation.

Abba, in a world that is upside down and rejects Your way, call Your people together. May we walk in Your shadow, may we be that shadow, the reflection on earth of who You are by the power of Your Spirit in us. Anoint us with cups overflowing for the work You have called us to.



Talitha Kumi

She’s dead. She’s dead.

No more to rise,

No more to walk.

No more to see the light of day.

She’s dead, they said.


Lying lifeless she appeared to be

As dead as they had claimed.

The mourners gathered,

Weeping and wailing,

Not believing in His Name.


“She is not dead, only asleep.”

Yeshua declared in all authority.

Then with gentleness He took her by the hand.

“Talitha! Talitha, kumi.”


Awaken daughter. Arise and walk!

Your time has surely come.

Talitha kumi, little girl get up.

Judah and Ephraim are one.


I am one God.

I have one salvation.

I have one covenant.

I have one nation.


Arise, come my daughter

From the four corners of the earth.

Be gathered together, my coat of many colors,

It is nearing time for birth.


I give to you My tallit of blood.

My holy, righteous covering.

Wear it, share it, to the world declare it.

My Spirit now is hovering.


My girl of twelve,

Awake awake.

Take Me by the hand.

The time has come for you to know.

The time has come for you to stand.

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The Existence of God and Me

Where are You?

I’ve never seen You.

They say You don’t exist.

But then perhaps they also don’t exist.


What is existence?

An arm? A face? Something that I can see or touch?

If this is existence, then they and I exist.

But what a shallow, lacking, existence that is

Trapped in a definition of all things tangible.


There is more to me.

There is more to them.

Eyes and ears are limited.

While we can see the body, what about the person inside of the body?

Where is she, the girl inside who is made up of so much more than bone and vein, and loose strands of light brown hair?

She has depth and feeling, imagination and memory.


But I am limited. I see only her face.

She has a smile on her lips and fear in her eyes and I know, oh I know,

There is more to her than what I can see. She exists beyond this box called Tangible.


Joy, fear, pain, forgiveness, hatred, peace, love. Prove it. Prove their existence.

Can you bring pain before my eyes so that I can see it?

Not a tear; not a picture of her holding her head in her hands.

These are the footprints of pain.

Where is pain itself? Show it to me.


But you can’t, can you?

Think a thought and show it to me.

But you can’t, can you?

Perhaps you left a trail, somewhere in that tangible body of yours.

A zig-zag line dancing around your brain,

Or a smile toying with the edges of your cheeks,

Or a pool of salty water slipping away from your eye.

It all depends on your thought. It existed and it left footprints.


My eyes can see the footprints, ours and Yours.

But the entirety of the thought,

As well as the entirety of a human being as they exist on the inside,

With hopes and hurts and desire and regret,

Are existing in the invisible.

We are existing in the invisible.


They’ve never seen You

So they say You don’t exist.

If that is the criteria, then perhaps we also don’t exist.

How can I prove my existence? I can prove I have two feet but what about the me inside?

What constitutes solid proof of my hope?

Nothing, but yet it’s there.


“They have eyes but cannot see…” You said.

“And ears that cannot hear.”

And at the same time, they look for You with only their eyes and ears.

Blind and deaf, they try prove to themselves and the rest of this world that You simply can’t exist.


But I know You do.

Just as I know I do.

queen anne's lace


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Now Take Up Your Light


He looked across this world He’d made,

Splashed and splattered with sin and sorrow.

The people were ashamed, angry, and afraid.

Afraid of truth, and of trusting, and of tomorrow.


And as He scanned the earth, He heard.

Crying? Yes. He kneeled down to the sand.

It was the sad solo, sung without word,

The blood of the innocent crying out from the land.


The hills could not hide the sin that it bore.

They cracked and quaked as He passed them by.

He held His head in His hands as He walked along His shore.

Ah! My creation! A tear fell from His eye.


And then He wept aloud, and covered His face.

And remembered the day He created man.

Even then He knew; His palm held a trace

Of what it would take to create him again.


And as He wept, His tears spilled on to the trace,

now a wound, still fresh with blood.

He had bought her back; He had made her as new.

He had paid the price that no one else could.


Yet, they did not care or did not believe

That He had redeemed all of their sin.

So still they hid behind useless fig leaves,

And refused to leave the darkness they were in.


Then He made His way up the highest mount,

The people scurried beneath Him, unaware He was there.

The sins were grave, far too many to count.

Chasing vanity upon vanity, with not a moment to spare.


What had happened to His once adoring bride?

Why was the light they had shared now fickle and fade?

He thru back His head and spread His arms wide.

“Again, I redeem you. My love, I HAVE PAID!”


Then He took up His shield and sharpened His sword,

And mounted His white horse of fire.

“I have come for her. I am the LORD!

And My right hand shall never tire.”


Then the foundations shook, and the skies burned red,

As He made His way through the fog of death.

At the sound of His voice all darkness fled,

Not a demon or devil could take a breath.


Then He rode through the valleys, over hills, and cross sea,

Trampling lies, shame and guilt to the ground.

“I have come to set the captive free!

For all who are lost, to be found!”


“I am the Truth, the Way and the Light,”

He shouted for all earth to hear.

“I have redeemed you, my beloved, by My power and might,

He who has an ear, let him hear.”


Then He reached into His very Spirit,

And pulled out a light, as bright as the sun.

He poured out this light, on all who came near it.

“Tell everyone you know about what I have done!”


“For I have conquered sin and the chains that bind;

I have paid the price of your penalty.

I am your God, you are mine;

Now take up your light and follow Me.

Now take up your light and follow Me.”

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